you demand, we deliver!

While life is getting busier with each passing day and so are the roads, which is confining you to go out and buy your required items or either scorching heat, shivering cold is the hinderence.

Well, you have enough reasons to stay at your comfort place while we have enough energy to serve you.

FDS is an on-demand delivery service and online marketplace in Swat which is not only connecting buyers with sellers but also delivers your daily and immediate needs at your doorstep. Our tagline is YOU DEMAND, WE DELIVER 🙂

How can you use FDS?

  • FDS can deliver Grocerry at your doorstep.
  • FDS can pay your bills.
  • FDS can bring you medicines.
  • FDS can submit your admission forms.
  • FDS can bring you food from your favorite restaurant.
  • FDS can collect your blood samples for various diagnosis and can drop the reports at your doorstep.
  • FDS can bring you fresh food from your home to your workplace.
  • FDS can deliver gifts for your loved ones on various occasions, be it Eid, Valentines, Anniversary or Birthday.
  • FDS can get your laundry done and dropped at your doorstep.
  • FDS can get your cheques collected, deposited in your bank account or cashed.
  • Or you can call FDS to bring you anything you want.

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